Canon EOS


Cafe/Bar  YES

It’s a pretty fun/chill place to be on a Friday or Saturday

My friend, Dj Sato, spins here at YES. He has a wide variety in music so I’m not sure what YES will be using… As in…

I’m not sure if he will be playing Hip-Hop, House, Dub-Step (which….. I wouldn’t prefer…), etc.

You know… Typically what Djs’ usually play

It’s my first time taking pictures like these (Dj/club/bar event)

But I might be able to practice these for my friend


Hopefully I’ll get better at this game  haha

Anyway… If you guys are from South Bay… Stop by!


YES  [Cafe/Bar]

15030 S. Western Ave.

Gardena, CA 90249


I have more Dj pictures but…. I wanna save some pictures for later so.. for now…



It’s been too long…

Sorry for people that actually stops by!


Good news is…


Well I still have endurance problem but I’m pretty sure that will go away soon. (overtime)


So let me just get started with some photos

It’s just random stuff that I took.

Nothing special

Nothing good


I felt like there is a need of updating this monster



It’s been pretty cloudy/rainy in Southern California

But the very next day…

You see something like this



It’s basically the same thing but I just wanted some opinions of which one “looks” better




So this guy…

He decides to wear all white…

In the rain…

sigh… There’s so much to say about this guy but I’m pretty sure you can figure everything out..

Simply, this guy is “down”



“Want Some?”



. . .



Nothing but Net


“Nah! We’re gonna get this s*** dude!”


That’s all I got for now.

It’s not a lot but I just wanted to open this new post to those who actually keep up with me.

I’m planning to update more soon

Stop by again!


I honestly think I kick it in a garage way too much…

It’s not mine either…

Honestly, garages are pretty cool…

I don’t know two of my buddies usually kick in the garage and so…

I usually end up being in there with them but… IT’S TYTE YO!


These are some pictures that I took recently.

Experimenting right now =]

Spitting them bars while Oscar The Grouch is blasted

Trying to be a T-Rex?

“No. No. No! That way sir”

Back Hand


Happy Birthday!!

Is it just me or are there a lot of summer birthdays??

“oOoOo… Liiiiights…”

Dance, dance, dance

I kind of like this…

The fact that he’s enoying himself singing and it just happened to only blur out his hands. (Top)

Same dealio on the bottom. Oh man… how ridiculous they look… holding hands and swinging it up and down…

From here on… It’s self-explanatory…

Meh.. Not the best but definitely the photo of the night!

Yea… I don’t know why we end up here on birthdays…

I guess you can’t ever go wrong with karaoke! HAHA

Thanks Y’all!