Almost been a year since I’ve touched upon this

Now that things have been aligned in the way it should in my life, I wanted to come back.

i wanted to do the thing I like doing

Taking pictures.

I might obviously suck, but I like doing it.


The other day I had an opportunity to be involved in a photo session

Thanks Shino!


Congratulations you two




The weather’s been a little weird lately

It has been pretty chilly at night


during the day it’s been pretty hot

You know what?

That’s what we, LA residents, like about this place.

You can always enjoy the day and at night…

at night…


Well, See You Next Time lol


I’ve been away from the blog again huh…


I’m sorry that I haven’t been uploading… Will you forgive me for my lack of consistency?



You guys are the BEST!!

So let’s get started!?


So we’re back with Dj Sato spinnin’ his wild *ss beats!!

So we gathered here at the YES Cafe/Bar once again.


now you’re listening to Dj SATO!!!

[see you gotta start coming to this place!! you’re missing out!!]

[sorry the photo order is all stupid… I don’t know how to use the new WordPress right now… FORGIVE MEEEE!!]


Cafe/Bar  YES

It’s a pretty fun/chill place to be on a Friday or Saturday

My friend, Dj Sato, spins here at YES. He has a wide variety in music so I’m not sure what YES will be using… As in…

I’m not sure if he will be playing Hip-Hop, House, Dub-Step (which….. I wouldn’t prefer…), etc.

You know… Typically what Djs’ usually play

It’s my first time taking pictures like these (Dj/club/bar event)

But I might be able to practice these for my friend


Hopefully I’ll get better at this game  haha

Anyway… If you guys are from South Bay… Stop by!


YES  [Cafe/Bar]

15030 S. Western Ave.

Gardena, CA 90249


I have more Dj pictures but…. I wanna save some pictures for later so.. for now…